The pictures below are from a test performed by the City of Grand Rapids, MI, U.S.A. (Valley and Bridge Street).

Step 1:

Area with 2 coats of Lifetime™ Plus and graffiti was applied to sample.

Step 2:

Using hot water at 3000 psi to remove graffiti.

Step 3:

Finishing removal of graffiti.

Step 4:

8 hours after completion, no evidence of graffiti.


Waterproof (RTV) silicone rubber penetrant.
Seals against graffiti.
Easy graffiti removal using a high pressure power washer (hot water @ 3000 psi)
Withstands repeated cleanings
Cost effective

Lifetime™ Water Sealant System can be used as an anti-graffiti penetrating coating. Paint, dirt and grime does not readily adhere to the Lifetime™ and graffiti can easily be removed by pressure washing.

Lifetime™ contains surface protection properties available in a solvent based material, which contains (RTV) silicone rubber compund. The silicone rubber provides outstanding high and low temperature resistant properties as well as general inertness toward deteriorating effects. When cured, Lifetime™ cannot be broken down due to water, salts, oils, fuels, acids, paints or other organic materials.

Lifetime™ penetrating surface sealant will stand up to several high pressure cleanings before reapplication is necessary. This gives the building owners very cost effective protection. Lifetime™ can be used on all porous building surfaces where protection from graffiti is needed.

  • Clear, longlasting sealer easily applied by sprayer, roller or brush
  • Protects all porous building materials: stucco, concrete, brick, block & wood
  • VOC compliant
  • Can be applied at temperatures well below freezing as long as there is no moisture in the substrate
  • Elastomeric bridging of hairline cracks permits expansion and contraction, building movement
  • Breathable. Permits moisture vapor to escape while protecting the surface from paint penetration