Roof coatings are backed by more than 20 years of
field proven experience on millions
of squarefeet of roofing.
  • are easy to apply, reducing labor costs on repairs and restorations.
  • are deductible as maintenance in many instances
  • end tear-off and replacement cycles.
  • can be phased-in over years while still carrying a warranty. Systems are installed as appropriations and budgets allow.
  • are suitable for all roof types, cooling towers, holding tanks, glass transit, asbestos encapsulation and many special surfaces.
  • reduce a roof's life cycle costs. Warranties can be extended by recoating.
  • are UV stable, can dramatically reduce building cooling costs
  • protect and reinforce the existing substrate to create an even stronger roof.
  • are available in traffic grade formulations
  • can be applied throughout the seasons. Except for our acrylic products, Tough Stuff coatings can be applied at temperatures down to 30°F/-1°C.